Breast lift with implants

Augmentation mastopexy, also known as a breast lift with implants, is a procedure that combines the benefits of both an augmentation and a lift. It is specifically designed to address two common concerns at once: sagging breasts and the loss of breast volume. This combination may result from changes in hormones due to aging, weight gain or loss, or pregnancy with or without breast feeding. By repositioning the breasts to a higher position and removing excess skin, the procedure creates a more youthful and lifted appearance. For additional volume restoration, particularly in the upper portion of the breast, a precisely chosen implant via Tissue-Based Planning can be used to restore lost volume and achieve a fuller, yet natural-looking breast shape. The primary goal of augmentation mastopexy is to create beautifully contoured breasts that are in harmony with your unique body shape, providing long-lasting and natural results. 

Surgical Notes



Length of surgery

3-5 hours depending upon complexity

Procedure type



1-2 weeks

Adjunct Procedures

Liposuction, Internal bra placement