Loving and enjoying my new body

I cannot praise my experience with Dr. Cheah and his team enough. From the front office staff, to his back office staff, I was met with a warm welcome and smile. 

After years of motherhood that left me feeling disconnected from myself, Dr. Cheah helped me rediscover my confidence and reclaim a sense of sensuality.

I’ve had consultations with other surgeons but what sets Dr. Cheah apart is his confident yet humble demeanor which instantly put me at ease. His great chairside manner instantly put me at ease, creating a safe space for me to openly express my insecurities and concerns. I never felt hesitant to ask questions or express concerns; he listened attentively, responded with compassion and thoroughly answered my questions. 

From every interaction with him, I can sense that he genuinely cares for the well-being of his patients like asking beyond just my recovery but how I was adapting at work post operatively often reminding me to mindfully listen to my body as I go about my activities.   

The surgical results were beyond my expectations. I underwent a pretty extensive full-body procedure and had very minimal bruising and was virtually pain-free which astonished me. His meticulous approach to incisions ensured minimal scarring, strategically placing them to help hide their appearance as I wear different garments. After my procedure I was required to have a series of post operative massages to aide in my recovery and my massage therapist mentioned how small and flat my scars were so early on in the healing process (she works exclusively on other women who undergo the same procedure as I did) which reaffirmed Dr. Cheah’s surgical skills.  

I felt fully informed every step of the way which helped me physically and mentally prepare for surgery and the daunting recovery.  Which I attribute to my relatively easy and happy recovery. I was motivated to get the best surgical outcome and did my part in adhering to the post operative instructions as well. 

I’m still only a short window after surgery and still have a good amount of healing to go, but I’m already loving and enjoying my new body thanks to Dr. Cheah’s skillful surgical expertise and compassionate care. Thank you Dr. Cheah & team for making me feel confident in my own body again!